Follow the Leader

We are a society of followers following the leader. There is so much potential out there, but most people will settle for just cruising along following others! I understand this because I’ve been there, but wouldn’t it be the coolest if everyone lived to their full potential and brought to fruition all those wonderful ideas that they have brewing? And trusted themselves and believed in themselves and all that stuff? Easily said than done, but wouldn’t that be cool?
koru hand painted rocks
I tell ya one thing, people would be a whole lot more happier because we’d all be living to our full potential and doing what we love…isn’t that the reason why we’re here?
A colourful rock today and a bit of passion in the post!
Jo x
PS – rā whānau ki tāku irāmutu, kua huri ki te whitu tau – ngā mihi aroha ki a koe Rongomai! xx

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