Celestial Dance

I really thought I wasn’t going to be posting this rock today! I finished painting it around 6.30pm and then hullo – realised I had no natural light left for photos! So it was back to other options – tungsten light, light under the algae or light from the light box! So the light box it was. Whew.
koru hand painted rock
So there is a planetary alignment happening right now, visible in the early morning sky. Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Earth all in a row…how lovely 🙂 I’ve always been fascinated by the night’s sky and was grateful when I had the opportunity 10 years ago to hear an old kuia from Tokomaru Bay talk about the stars and how we as Māori relate to them. A lot of her kōrero was about the Māori new year – Matariki or as we say in the west, the rising of Puanga (Rigel) which is coming up sooooooon next month! A wonderful time of year with lots of celebrations…
So I would like to say that I will be getting up early in the morning to see this planetary alignment but we’ll see what happens lol…but like all things here on earth and out there everywhere, we are connected and guided by those beautiful lights in the sky…

Jo x

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