Crystal Mission

Back in the early 90s I read a book called “Crystal Mission”. Today, many years on, I started reading this same book but an updated version. And I’m like WOW – I was actually reading this at 20 years old!
koru hand painted rocks
It’s an interesting book about a man’s journey, synchronicity, the power of crystals, the energy of the earth, connection and more! It’s one of those books you just wanna keep reading! It’s mind boggling actually, not just the story but the fact that I was actually into this kind of stuff at such a young age.
This reminded me of the first personal development book I read at 16 years old – Your Erroneous Zones by Wayne Dyer. I also remember The Power is Within You by Louise Hay – and there were many others!
So 20 + years on and I’m still healing, changing, growing… and this book is also a reminder that my love of precious stones began in my teens. I was drawn to their beauty and healing properties and still love to surround myself with them today.
A nice reflection on the past to the present…and now continuing on my crystal mission…
By the way, has anyone read this book?
Jo x


    1. Kiaora, I use resene test pots – a water based acrylic, they are a pretty good paint that stays on for a long time, even out in the elements although I try not to leave them out there too long. I’m also looking at a natural alternative at the moment too. Thanks for visiting 🙂

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