All Of Us

Man oh man – I’ve been going back through the year, reminiscing with rocks and words from all of us and I’m like WOW – there is so much awesomeness! Real gems! Such insight and colourful kōrero and I’m just buzzing at all the kohatu I’ve painted and the imagery that has been captured of each rock – WOW!

I printed a few pages of the kohatu, including stories and comments and it’s taken me the last couple of days to get through them! And I have another 300+ days to read!!
koru hand painted rocks
It’s actually quite overwhelming and I feel very humbled by all the things that have been said, the many many people that have left comments – just amazing!

I started working on the book a while back and am now going through each day, sitting for a while and really getting a feel of what the message is for that day. And I did not realise how important these kohatu would be, for many people and for me, but when I read the words and look at the images, I’m totally captivated at what has been created.
It is going to take a while to get through them all and that’s ok it’s a very exciting process.

But I just want to say thank-you to ALL OF US for sharing openly our thoughts and feelings throughout the year. I have been truly blessed and I do believe that the book is going to be a stunning collection of images with important messages from all of us that will guide us into the future. And look out for the book which is due to be published in time for the Māori new year – June 2012!
Of course there will be more thank-yous over the next few days but I just want to say for the first time, THANK-YOU SO MUCH – from my heart.
Jo x

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