Collective Exhalation

So we’ve won the Rugby World Cup which is fantastic – you can feel the energy around the country at the moment. There were thoughts today about how the country would be if we had lost – I’m pretty sure the energy would have been a lot different!
koru hand painted rocks
But celebrations aside, we have a real game on our hands not just here in Aotearoa, but around the world. Our environment needs us and our environment needs us now. And right now I’m sending much aroha to all those affected by the recent earthquake in Turkey – such contrasts in our world, celebrations in one direction and devastating loss in another.
I watched the live coverage in downtown Auckland today, the All Blacks were doing their victory lap and thousands of people had come out to celebrate. Add to that the thousands around the rest of the country too.

I can’t help but think if we all collectively gathered together, had one big collective inhalation and then a collective exhalation just as we felt last night when the All Blacks finally won, what if we shared that same positive energy into other areas that need attention. What would happen then?
There was a post here on FB last night while the rugby was on about child poverty – and the question was asked, why has our country allowed child poverty to come this far and all I want to say – change is driven by emotion, you can’t tell people what to do.
So if we look at all those passionate rugby supporters, what is it that drives them to support rugby so much and how can we transfer that same energy, that same passion, into bringing about change in the world?
Yes we desire change, but a desire for something does not make it happen. Change begins with us and if we are truly honest with ourselves about the change that needs to happen within then I believe the world would be a better place. Respect for one another, for self and love.
Jo x

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