All Blacks

So this is the day! We’ve just finished pizza and are now getting ready for the game of the year – the All Blacks vs France!! It’s going to be an exciting game I know that much!!
koru hand painted rocks
So why rugby for me? Why am I so interested in this game, why am I interested in rugby in general, why is the country rugby mad?
Why rugby for me?
Because it is in my blood. Rugby has been a part of my life since I came into this world. Both my parents are sports fanatics, Dad actively involved in many individual and team sports and Mum who has always supported our sporting endeavours for as long as I can remember!
And rugby? Dad was a representative rugby player and a coach and Mum has got to be one of the most supportive All Blacks supporters I’ve ever known! No matter what the time of day, she’s there in front of the TV supporting our team.
So it IS in my blood. Sport is in my blood. And this is why I am watching rugby. This is why I support the All Blacks and watch this game. I also remember my parents, the support they have given rugby and the support that they have given me as a sportsperson.
So if you don’t want to see my status updates during the game, then temporarily unsubscribe from them and yes there are other things that we could be focusing on right now, such as Rena and earthquakes and the state the world is in at the moment and they are not out of my mind for good, but when this game is on, there will be nothing more important. This IS something to celebrate as far as I’m concerned!
So C’MON the All Blacks!
Jo x

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