Three Stones

These are three new personalised stones painted recently for a couple (a gift to each other from each other!) and one for another of their friends. I love the colours in these stones.

The brief for the top stone was to NOT use light colours. This was very difficult as I’m used to always bringing light colours into the mix!Three Stones
As an intuitive painter, I felt a strong urge to bring some light into this stone even though it may be under the surface.
This stone is beautiful – and full of light! So it was an interesting project for me – do I paint exactly what my client wants, or do I go with my intuition as I’ve always done? And it brought a thought to mind, sometimes what we want is not actually what we need.

I enjoy painting personal stones for people. You never know how each stone is going to turn out and each stone is unique with it’s own special story.

If you are interested in having a personal stone painted for you visit my personalised works of art page for more info – I would love to hear from you.
Jo x

Personalised Stone

I love creating personal stones for people. It is an opportunity for me to spend some time connecting with a stone and it’s story.

This is a stone painted for Natacha who wanted to give something personal to a friend. She spoke briefly about her friend and then left the rest up to me!

Sometimes people will share their stories with me to include in the design of the stone, or they leave it up to me and my intuition. Regardless, each stone is painted intuitively. Each design is unique and there is never any drawing just painting straight on to the stone.Personalised Hand Painted Stone

What I love about personalised stones is that they are exactly that – personal. They are specifically created for the person and become timeless gifts that can be handed down to future generations.

If you are interested in purchasing a personalised stone – visit here – I would love to hear from you!


Jo 🙂

Shaping Our Future

I’ve always been of the mind that we shouldn’t shape artists, but rather, give them the tools to explore and find the artist within themselves.
koru hand painted rocks

Miss 6 year old Teia, she draws these amazing pictures of people that have limbs that stretch all the way across the page or curl around to reach up to the head to move some hair off the face. One leg is often bent to take a pose, like a ballerina and hair is always accentuated so there is no doubt who that person is.

The clothes are full of detail; right down to the colours, pockets and patterns. She draws real people, but not in the ‘real’ sense.

Now if you were in a learning institution learning how to draw people, you wouldn’t learn to draw like this, you would learn to draw “proper” figures with each person in proportion and everything in place. But Teia’s drawings even though oversized, underweight and over accentuated, are actually full of emotion and expression! The bodies have this movement about them and when you see a person with horns, and slanted eyebrows, you know that this person is angry!

I don’t believe that she would be drawing this way if we were constantly over her shoulder telling her how she should draw. She’s basically been left to her own devices since she started to create art which was round about two years old! So when she comes home from school with pictures where the lines have already been created for her, I shake my head and think back to my kindergarten days when I was drawing in colouring in books. Nothing has changed…

The good thing is, when she is home, she is creating constantly…and we’ve also realised her art is a vent for her emotions and how she is feeling…

So I believe, to allow an artist to blossom, allow them this right from birth, don’t try to shape them, but give them the support and the tools to find their own way.

Jo x