koru hand painted rocks

What a wonderful day today! Chilled out, relaxing and just cruising with good kai (all day!), great company and a great place in the country to be winding down at the end of the year.
koru hand painted rocks
I’ve so enjoyed this – with minimal connection to the internet and no one really sending me emails wanting anything from me (yet!) it has only been a few days, but a much needed rest has been granted.

Actually, it reminds me of a song I used to love listening to when I was young-er… we were chilling in the park, just waiting for the sun to go down…and I’ve SO loved hanging with the whānau – has been awesome!!

Sending much aroha to everyone out there who is checking out the rocks during this time. I know you are probably eating good kai too and are in good company! Hope you’re having a lovely relaxing holiday wherever you are in the world! Peace to you.

Jo x

It is now midnight! I don’t think I’ve gone to bed before midnight since I’ve been away but that’s ok, I can sleep in to whatever time I want to – love that! AND! FIVE more rocks to paint for the year!!! Wooooohoooo!

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