What Is Possible?

koru hand painted rocks

A reflective time of year marks the beginning of a new… change, connection, relationships, healing – all have been strong themes this year, woven into life’s intricate web…
koru hand painted rocks
I love the spider web – resilient and beautiful, it is one of nature’s many wonders that always amazes me. How could this be possible? What is possible in the future?

A question I’ve been asking myself over these last few days of the year – what is possible? If there was one thing that I would want to bring to fruition this year, what would it be? How would I bring this to fruition and what would I need to do this? And who will help me?

The year is nearly over and excitement is building as we head into 2012 – it is an important year, probably the most important year of my life for many reasons and everyday up until now has brought me to here, this moment, this time, this place. And I am grateful.

Jo x

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