Tomorrow People

We had a massive time at Matapuna training centre today. We were there to tautoko the Tomorrow People concert – an awesome kaupapa presented by Te Urunga Tū – a group of parents who want to create a future for their tamariki (children) WITHOUT fossil fuels.
koru hand painted rock
There was an amazing lineup of musicians which included Maisey Rika and Ria Hall – both awesome kai waiata with important messages, plus a whole lot of local acts including Te Kura o Waikirikiri, Radio Ngāti Porou who were broadcasting for six iwi radio stations and the PUKANA crew were also there! Plus some really informative speakers including Dayle Takitimu.
I came away feeling very inspired having been entertained by all these amazing Māori artists but also wanting to do even more for the future of our tamariki. As people played on stage, up front the tamariki sat and watched, taking it all in as kids do in their own special way and perhaps not even sure how this is going to affect them in the future but it was such a joy just to see them there; so alive and energetic.
And watching some of these kids get up and dance and sing – oh my gosh – there is no shortage of talent there and when one young kotiro got up to do her haka – man, she made the hair stand up on my skin!! Wow – she was no older than 10 but with such confidence that this generation has I believe, instilled through our Māori language, waiata and all those things that make us who we are as Māori. It was so beautiful to see…
And such wonderful support from the community who came to support as well.
I have brought many messages home with me but the most important is: don’t wait for those politicians down in Wellington to do something for us. We must start in our own homes with our own whānau, whether it is recycling, planting a garden or trees, changing the products that we use, biking or walking instead of taking the car, and being vocal in terms of not allowing any drilling for oil in ANY of our waterways.
A big mihi to the bro Rob Ruha and all those who made this event happen! Ka pai koutou!
Jo x

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