The Sun and the Earth

I’m not really into painting flowers on rocks but when miss Teia came home from school today, I listened to her story about the sun and the earth as I painted this rock…so today’s korero is all hers!
Jo: So what have you been up to at school today?
koru hand painted rock
Teia: Oh learning about the sun…The sun isn’t really the sun, it’s actually a star. But it doesn’t come out at night time so it’s actually a day star. You know we can have day stars too you know!
Jo: Oh.
Teia: And it’s very hot and if you stay in the sun too long you get sun burnt and that’s not good! It’s the hottest thing in the…in the thing…
Jo: (now laughing to myself)
Teia: And then the earth. And the earth is round but it has another thing around it. And then it has a hole. And the hole is getting bigger because we drive our cars around and smoke and gas gets everywhere. So we have to stop driving our cars to school. And the ice is melting at Antarctica. And the penguins are dying. And this lady she came to our school dressed as a penguin and someone said to her you’re not a penguin! Penguins are supposed to waddle!
Jo: (still listening)
Teia: So the hole is getting bigger and we have to stop – now!
Jo: Stop what?
Teia: Making the hole big!

Jo: So where is Antarctica?
Teia: It’s up the North Pole somewhere!
I hope you enjoyed that lesson on the sun and the earth – it actually went on for much longer than that but it certainly made my day!
Jo x
PS – I tried to make the painting as loose and as imperfect as possible and the gumboot in the photo is Teia’s gumboot 🙂

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