The Importance of Connection

Today I’ve connected with a few people on the other side of the world who I have never met.
One of the women I connected with also paints rocks and lives in Colorado Springs. She found me through a friend of hers on Facebook who was a friend of one of my friends on Facebook who had left a comment on one of my rock photos. Now I would never have connected with this woman if it wasn’t for these other connections. Thanks Ma and Mary!
Connections and networking are important to me both personally and for my business. Without them I would not survive and they have been the main reason why I am able to do what I love for a living. It definitely is about who you know – so get connecting and make your circle bigger by filling it with like-minded people and people whose purpose is in line with yours!

And wouldn’t it be a boring life if there was no one to connect to and communicate with! Although I must say I have appreciated silence on a ten day meditation course more times than once in the past!

It’s important for me to connect through my art, to share my art, my photography and the stories that are told through each of my creations and I love that my rocks are in all corners of the world! 12 years worth of painting rocks scattered around the globe!
So today’s rock is going to go to Tammi in Colorado Springs and in exchange I am receiving one of her rock creations from Colorado Springs. I love exchanges – thanks Tammi!
And just to end this post, Tammi wanted to know what materials I am using on my rocks. Resene test pots which = unlimited colour and a good quality paint, a variety of brushes depending on what I want to paint on the rock, normally a fine brush, water and that’s it! Paint goes straight on the rock and then a sealer is sprayed on to seal the paint in. And all hand painted! I say this because I have been asked many times in the past if I have actually painted my rocks or “did I use a stencil?” koru hand painted rock
And the colour of this rock is called ‘pumice’. It’s an off white colour that I use often on my rocks.
Day 4 today – rock painted = creativity nurtured – connections made – check check check
Day 5 – āpōpō (tomorrow) – 360 days to go!
Mā te wā – until then,
Jo 🙂


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