The Alchemist

Di gave me The Alchemist by Coelho to read and so it is coming home with me, kind of like a companion…
I first heard about it 13 years ago when I was taking photographs on the Kaituna River. One of the rafting guides mentioned it to me and I thought, wow that sounds like an interesting book… but never got to read it until now. So it was gently put into my lap…the timing may not have been right then but it is now. I am ready.
koru hand painted rocks
And thus far, the book is about following your heart, trusting that what your heart speaks, is your truth and that you we should all follow our truth. And I realise that my whole life has been a journey to speak my truth, to be who I am and to share this with others.
So thanks Di – our meeting was meant to be! But we already knew this didn’t we…
And the circles are fitting also. Spending time with cousins Tina and Kiri, its like we have done a full circle – its been over 10 years since we lived in Auckland and hung out, so old circles and new circles have come together… and currently creating new circles for the future.
Jo x

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