Te Wai Pounamu

It is the day after the earthquake and I’ve seen so many things today; loss of life, destruction, grief, but also hope. I don’t think there is anyone in Aotearoa who doesn’t know someone in Christchurch at this time and I can only say that our thoughts are with all especially those who have lost loved ones or still wait for news and hope that they are alive.
This rock is for hope, hope for the future and that we are resilient enough to get through this. There is overwhelming support from all around the world which has shown the strength of human nature to band together in times of need. We have seen proof that this is possible.
koru hand painted rock
The days and months ahead will be tough ones and the journey to rebuild lives will continue on for years. One thing is for sure, people will never forget, especially those that experienced first hand the full impact of mother nature’s power.
I use Te Wai Pounamu our Maori word for the South Island because it reminds us of how special this land is, how special this whenua is that we call home. And although we may not have felt the earthquake in other parts of the country we are all feeling the pain, the grief, the fear and the uncertainty of the people in Christchurch at this time. But we are a strong breed of people and will rise again from this event. Te Wai Pounamu – the healing waters of greenstone, will continue to flow…
Much aroha, peace and healing to all at this time,
Jo x

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