Talk To Her

It’s the name of a movie I just finished watching.
koru hand painted rocks
Two woman are in a coma, one is a bullfighter and the other is a dancer. The dancer has been in a coma for four years and has been cared for by a man who loves her. He talks to her everyday, he washes her, he reads to her. He shares with her his experiences of the day. He does her hair, her makeup, everything that she would do for herself if she were alive – he does for her.
It’s a story filled with many things, but for me, it’s most important message was about the power of love. This man loved this woman so much and his simple acts of love breathe life into her and bring her out of her coma. The tragedy of it all is, he dies.
But it does have a happy ending. And there are some slightly off beat funny bits woven into the story, but the best thing to do is allow the story to be told… it’s a beautiful story, beautifully filmed and not what you would expect. And you might think I’ve told you the whole story – but I haven’t!
Check it out – it’s an art festival film and has now become one of my faves!
Jo x

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