Sunrise in Doha

I just finished painting this rock as the sun rose in Doha – and what a beautiful sunrise – three suns rising at Doha airport over parked plane tails as another plane takes off into the sunrise. How lovely!
koru hand painted rocks
A welcoming for a new day and I am so tired I’m nearly ready to go to sleep! I’m hopeful for a sleep on the plane during this next eight hour flight to Singapore although hopeful is a good word as I’m not very good at sleeping on planes – we’ll see! Tiredness might just get the better of me this time.
Looking forward to this new day where I will be flying high in the sky, embracing the realms of Ranginui and ngā atua. Still a work in progress for me, my connection to this realm, I am definitely a Papatūānuku girl, love to be grounded…
Jo x

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