Something Old Something New

Just a short post from me today as I’m struggling to stay awake after a LONG day! I’m on the road tomorrow, a seven hour journey back home to Gizzy and am looking forward to planting my feet for another month at least before I head off on another adventure…not looking forward to the sweaty, sticky heat though! But swimming, beach, relax, Te Matatini and Reggaelution are all on in the next two weeks! Oh yeah!
koru hand painted rocks
I photographed a friend’s wedding today and it was wonderful! Very low key, simple and different. Different because the couple chose to have their wedding in their own special way without all the traditional hoo ha that goes on at weddings. Who said that your father has to give you away and walk you down the aisle anyway? Who said you have to be wearing all white? Who made up all those rules about how weddings are supposed to be? Anyway, much love to Lena and Chris on their special day, to their whanau x 2 and two gorgeous boys Kauri and Tio – was so lovely to be able to capture your day on camera for you…
And still on the note of weddings, this kohatu is for Ma whose wedding anniversary it is today – 11 years ne Ma? Too much e hoa!! Was so happy to be able to paint this for you!! This rock has lots of texture, holes and bumps – fitting I think for a love that has endured so many years. Arohanui ki a korua, otira ki a koutou ko to whanau. Am sending this to you!
So a new life of marriage has just begun and we acknowledge a marriage that continues…beautiful!
Ok off to bed now – not too bad just before midnight, thats early for me! Am so looking forward to putting my feet up, even just for one day, that would be nice!!
Jo x
PS – There are actually four colours in this rock, white, yellow, red and buffalo brown which you can’t see, its hidden under the white. Also, when trying to come up with a name for this post all I could think of was ‘something old something new’ which is a play on the traditional weddings korero…’something old something new something borrowed, something blue’…but here, this talks about two loves, totally unconnected that have been brought together in this korero today!!

That was actually a long post after all!!! Po marie!

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