I started painting this rock today and then I said to myself, stuff it, I’m going to paint this rock with my right hand!
koru hand painted rocks
And so I carried on, painfully at times lol painting this rock with my right hand. I’m left-handed, but there are sports that I can play right-handed such as golf. And I also use scissors with my right hand but the funny thing is, I can only use scissors with my right hand, not my left-hand but I can play a few sports with both hands, on both sides!
Don’t ask me about the scissors bit, I have no idea where that came from! But I reckon my ability to play sports such as golf have been because I hung out with my Dad on the golf course quite a bit as his caddie. He was also a sportsman that dabbled in many sports so it rubbed off on us kids.
So anyway, this rock took me longer than normal – of course – and it was, how should I put it – frustrating at times!! But I realised I need to do it more often because when I had finished, I felt SO different! I felt like I had really achieved something (with a time difference of course!) and my whole being felt different. I also felt like a child painting too which was kinda cool – it was like tapping into my creative child again.

And Todd says it’s the golden egg and I like that too.
Jo x

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