It’s one of those times when I’ve got so much to do and I want to do everything at once! And restless – so so restless, but tired at the same time.
koru hand painted rock
I’m tired from all the travel and have only just got my feet on the ground again… and it won’t be long before the next journey begins and each journey has been a stepping stone to the next journey..
So this restless time is one of those “intermission” times I’ve posted about before, the in between project time, the ideas time, the brainstorming time… but I must remember to rest, my body is telling me to rest! And this restless in between time is probably the most important time of all because its where great ideas are conceived before the action begins!
So embracing this time and enjoying the sleeeeeeep!
Jo x
It’s a bit of a contradiction being restless on one hand and then having lots of sleep on the other, but I feel like its a good thing right now! I’m getting my sleep so I can be more productive in my restless moments – ha!

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