This rock is for my niece Robyn Erana who turned 19 today!! Her and my other niece Rexina just left this morning after spending the last few days with us here in Gizzy. It was so nice to spend time with them, to talk about life and have a good laugh!
koru hand painted rock
I’m so proud of my nieces – they have grown into beautiful young women who are caring and thoughtful. I see that they have learnt to appreciate the things that they have and their life experiences thus far have instilled a certain resilience that enables them to live the best way they know how. They have endured so much already in their lives and I honour them for that…
And Robyn, I remember when you were born and on your first birthday – you were so cute and beautiful!! And you’re still beautiful darling! I hope you’ve had a wonderful relaxing day after the drive home to Rotorua – I know your sister drives fast lol I’ll see you again soon! Arohanui, Aunty xx
And for everyone else, hei taua wā ano!
Jo x

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