Quiet Breathing Space

I got off the plane last night here in Gisborne; raining and cold… and then when we left the airport it was like driving into a ghost town. Seriously. There was one other car on the road and that was it. Talk about a big shock!
koru hand painted rocks
I had just come from a city of 14 million people, I lived in a lively part of Istanbul where it seemed the city never slept…and then came home to quiet, what felt like total silence.
And as I drove around today in my zombie state due to serious jetlag, there were a few people walking around the street but nothing like what I experienced in Istanbul.
It made me realise how grateful I am for the vast amount of breathing space we have here in Aotearoa. And the air, so fresh… that’s one thing I noticed when I arrived home, the air was so much more alive. And being away from home experiencing a new land, enables another perspective and appreciation for what we have in Aotearoa.
Many people see our country as an exotic place, a must see place to visit… we are not without our problems but there is something about this place we call home that is very special. And there is a spirit about this place that cannot be experienced anywhere else in the world.
I miss the high energy of Istanbul, the colourful contrast of people, the culture and the food! But there is no place like home and I’m glad to be home.
Jo x

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