Praying Mantis

Have you ever sat and observed a praying mantis? I’ve been doing exactly that over the past few days – there’s been so many around. They seem to like the comfort of our home because whenever I try to put them outside, they just find their way back in! They are such amazing creatures!
koru hand painted rock
I am amazed at how alert and on to it they are. They have a certain elegance and beauty about them. One landed on my arm ( I only just realised they fly!) and just sat there, its reddish orangey eyes staring back at me! And the antennae were constantly moving, this one I think was eating although it could have just been licking its legs!
I have seen them in action before. One totally devoured a monarch caterpillar on our swan plant and all that was left of it was some black substance that was dripping to the ground. It was a great idea to put them on the swan plant to eat the aphids but what happens when the aphids run out? The caterpillars!
I like to think that these praying mantis around the place are a good tohu, a good sign. And I do believe we are connected to all living things and have felt very connected to these creatures over the past few days. And when looking this praying mantis in the eye today, it was like for a few moments our worlds had merged in to one…
Sending much aroha and peace around the world again today.
Jo x

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