Our tamariki these days are so lucky. Many still have their grandparents on both sides and some even have great grandparents and great great grandparents!
koru hand painted rocks
I only knew one of my grandparents and she passed away on my ninth birthday. But I have vivid memories of her that I will never forget. She used to wear reading glasses that would magnify her eyes ten times! My other grandparents I did not know and can only remember them from photos and what others have shared about them.
I feel kind of sad about that. I wish I had my pāhake to spend time with, to hear the reo being spoken and to hear all their stories. Many of our pāhake have passed away in recent years and sometimes its not until they pass away that we realise their importance in our lives and our communities.
If I had my grandparents today, I would be cherishing them every single day, and recording every word they say! I am grateful though for the many adopted pāhake that I have had in my life, those who have shared stories with me and whose presence has made me feel loved and protected.
And today I am also grateful that I still have my parents who are grandparents to nine mokopuna and who inspire me with their longevity and will to live. And all I can say to all of their mokopuna is to value them and honour them because they will not always be there.
Jo x

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