One Thing at a Time

The last two days, I’ve really tried to be present with everything I’ve been doing. When I’m cooking, I’m cooking, when I’m reading, I’m reading!
koru hand painted rocks
I’m so used to multi-tasking, doing lots of things at once but I’ve realised that when I have more things to do than what multi-tasking allows me to do, it’s impossible to do! I used to be a strong advocate of multi-tasking but now I”m not so sure…
And you know what, doing one thing at a time is less stressful, and because I”m totally present with what I’m doing, I’m understanding it, I’m understanding myself and I can actually achieve a lot more by doing one thing at a time! I feel like I’ve made the discovery of the century lol but I think I already knew this and just didn’t allow myself to slow down enough to realise.
Jo x

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