One Day

When opportunity knocks be prepared.
I learnt a big lesson tonight, I learnt to be prepared, as opportunity can present itself at any time and at any place!
koru hand painted rocks
I went along to Green drinks with Metiria Turei tonight and it was fantastic. No big huha, just an informal evening, sharing conversation with others and meeting new people. Metiria Turei spoke briefly and so did the local candidate for the Greens Darryl Monteith and then the night was left to socialising, mixing and mingling.

I’m glad I went along because I got to mix with a group of people I don’t normally mix with, I got to speak personally with Metiria Turei for a while which was fantastic – she is such a wonderful woman and I’m so glad we have her strong voice in Parliament and I got to see an old school mate who I haven’t caught up with for over 15 years – at least! So it was a pleasant evening.
One Day – It’s that famous song sung by Op Shop’s lead singer Jason Kerrison and he was there tonight!! He was singing that song and he sung four other acoustic numbers from the Op Shop repertoire – oh my gosh – it was so cool, a really nice surprise for the evening and I could have kicked myself!! I left all my cameras at home and the setting was perfect to capture this on film, nice light and oh my gosh a beautiful waiata – five beautiful waiata. And nicely complemented by local artist Dion Whaanga.

So a lost opportunity there and you have to know me, to know why I feel gutted about this, like I missed a really good opportunity because I did – BUT! To redeem myself there were other wonderful conversations had during the evening, so not all was lost!
So be prepared for opportunities as you just never know where they may appear!
Jo x

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