No Name

When choosing a photo of a rock that I’ve painted, I don’t necessarily choose the best looking photo but the photo that portrays how I feel and what I want to say at that time. And most times it’s the best photo!
koru hand painted rocks
This photo speaks volumes about a journey that I am on. It is a lonely pathway, one that feels like people are looking at you funny, either that or they’re going in a totally opposite direction.

This journey is about speaking your truth, being who you are, acknowledging feelings and emotions and knowing who you are. We’ve become reliant on external environments to reward and acknowledge us and dictate to us the lives that we should live. We crave recognition and attention from others, if only we would recognise ourselves…
I don’t even know what to call this rock today, it’s a spiritual journey full of many things – and I’m far from lonely on this journey, so I’m not going to call it lonely. Although at times, I do feel like I’m on a totally different waka… but such is life I guess, we’re all on a waka going somewhere and some of us know where we’re going and some of us don’t.
Jo x
Feel free to name this rock – right now it is called “No Name” because I just don’t feel like naming it, but I’m sure it will have a name soon 🙂

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