Nine Visitors

Well the house was a flurry of visitors today! From 10am onwards, we had nine people visiting throughout the day – so it was pretty full on and before you know it – it’s dinner time and the day is coming to a close!
koru hand painted rocks
But it was a fantastic day – wonderful kōrero about all sorts of things – moving to a new land, public speaking, spinal manipulations, (even got my back put in – thanks Barrie!), swimming pools, art, art and more art, business, death, life – all sorts of things.
It reminded me (again!) about the importance of connection and sharing kōrero. And when people come together, no matter what your background, you can always find common threads, common levels of connection.
So it was a beautiful day (the sun was actually shining!) and I sent a few kohatu off today – some will be travelling back to Perth and others will head up north to Dargaville. Wonderful. The power of stones. The power of connection. Conversations and meetings that were just meant to be.
Jo x

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