Manuka Honey

One of the many colours in this rock is called manuka honey. It is a creamy colour that is not visible but it is there! And as I write this I am listening to a Kuia from Ngāti Kuri talk about manuka honey and its healing properties. Saana Waitai Murray is her name and her whānau have created a sustainable business for themselves beekeeping in the far North creating pure manuka honey!! The best in the world she says! And by the way, this kuia has been instrumental in the Wai 262 claim.
I am inspired by what they are doing for themselves as a whanau and I think about the many opportunities there are for people to create their own businesses from something that they are passionate about and that they love to do!
koru hand painted rock
I see so many people working in a j-o-b that they are not happy in, working for someone else and fulfilling someone else’s dream. So many people say to me, “I love what you are doing, I wish I could do that!” But they still remain in their JOB. I can understand people need financial security but often at the expense of less time to enjoy the things they really love to do and add to that a whole lot of stress! But I think the biggest thing that is sacrificed is fulfillment, real fulfillment that can only come from doing what you love.

I wonder how many people can actually say that they are doing what they love?
This rock has many layers – it’s actually quite small but you can see its had a fair amount of paint piled on to it! I’m glad I was able to revive another rock from its doom and gloom in the corner haha!
Jo x
PS – have started planning for the first book of kohatu! I’ve decided that instead of doing one book for the whole year I would have 3 or 4 books so its not such a big task to compile it and people get to enjoy the book before the year is over. I’m thinking A5 size, high quality digital print, spiral bound, colourful and sprinkled with some of the wonderful words that have accompanied the rocks – not just my words but everyone’s words! What do people think of this idea? Should I have one book or a few over the year? What do you think of the size and what would you be willing to pay for this book? Any other suggestions of what should go inside? Would love your feedback – thank-you!

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