Looking Back

Just before I wrote this I was having a look back through all the rocks I had painted, the photos I had taken and the stories I had written so far. It is Day 213 today, so I’ve looked back over the past 212 days and wow! I was pretty stunned by what I had achieved.
koru hand painted rocks
I asked myself, how did I do that? Did I really do that? Oh my gosh! And as I was looking through from Day 212 to Day 1 (yes I was going from back to front, it’s how I read the paper too!), I was thinking hmmmm, I’m actually getting better at this and then I arrived at Day 1 and realised I wasn’t too bad to begin with!
The perfectionist coming out in me again! Actually I wrote a post about perfectionism too!
I’m not one to be proud out loud of my own achievements, but I was pretty chuffed with what I had achieved and the commitment I had made to my creativity at the beginning of the year has become so much more.
So I’m openly giving myself a pat on the back, saying well done and keep going because the year aint over yet! It feels a little uncomfortable to be blowing my own horn (that sounds really weird to say that lol by the way!) but at the same time, I’m smiling at what I have achieved.
Thank-you self.
Jo x
PS – I know I’m getting over my perfectionism too because I slapped this paint on and made sure lines weren’t too straight haha – and of course only I can notice! : )

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