I finally have a dedicated space for my hand painted rocks. It has taken a while!! I’m pleased with the result and grateful to Rajneesh for putting it all together for me!
SO what is it about these rocks that are SO special?
When I first started painting on rocks 12 years ago, I had an immediate attraction to them. And then when I returned home to the West Coast, Taranaki and saw these amazing rock covered beaches, I was even more captivated. So much so, that I moved home and lived here for the next seven years during which time I have painted hundreds of these rocks, many of which I have given away.
These rocks carry the “mauri” or “energy” of the land from which they come which is why they are so special. They carry history, perhaps thousands of years old, are nice to touch and very healing.
So I continue to paint these rocks even though I live seven hours drive away on the East Coast! Each time we go home to Taranaki you can guarantee that the car is always loaded with rocks. Visit my website to find out more about my process of gathering and painting on these rocks.
Jo 🙂


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