Just meant to be

On our way through Waverley today, we stopped off at a glass studio. It was outside this studio that I painted this rock. And yes there was a glass studio in Waverley! Here we met a couple who are both artists working in a variety of mediums including glass, clay and sculpture. So there was an immediate connection…
But what was also cool was the fact that we had connected with people who knew people we knew, they had lived in the same places and knew people we knew in those places and they had many things in common including a passion for the arts and a passion for doing what they love for a living!
koru hand painted rock
Actually, I find these connections quite exciting and if you are open enough and on to it enough to see them, they are around us all the time! You know when you meet people and it’s just meant to be? You just click with them and end up talking like you’ve known each other for years!
So it was a nice part of our journey today, but of course every part of the journey is important and just meant to be, including the yummy feijoa ice-cream I ate tonight! Ha!
Jo x

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