I feel for those in Japan right now. The media presents sometimes a conservative view of the effects on human life, perhaps to not instill fear in the people but the reality is right in front of our eyes. There is major loss of life, no doubt about that. And it is in times like this that there is a need for people to reach out to each other, to love and care for each other.
My thoughts also are still with those of our own whanau and friends in Otautahi who are trying to rebuild their lives and I can only imagine that this recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan has made them relive Feb 22nd all over again…
koru hand painted rocks
I feel like the work that we do and the messages that we have to share about looking after our earth, are so important now more than ever. Mother nature will always prevail and we have seen how powerful she can be. We have civil wars happening but this recent series of natural disasters reminds us of our vulnerability, our impermanence and our need to really take stock of our lives and how we exist.

What do we value? What are our beliefs about how the world should be and how do we exist on this planet?
I feel for everyone around the world and I feel for our earth. Sending much aroha at this time…
And again, I am grateful for life…
Jo x

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