GDP = Gross Domestic Product
Why are we so concerned about gross domestic product?
Why do we value our economy more than we value community?
Why do we value the tangible things and fail to acknowledge the intangible?
koru hand painted rock
I studied economics in school because I thought it would be useful. I never really got it, even after studying hours on end for exams. I passed my exams (just!) but I still don’t get it.

My understanding of the situation here in Aotearoa now is that we value our economy more than we value our environment and our people. We give emphasis to those material things, those tangible things such as oil and milk that will give us the best return on our dollar but at the expense of our environment and our people. I don’t get this! Yes there are huge financial rewards and the creation of employment for people and the list does go on…but are these worth risking the earth? Really? And people?
I’m constantly baffled at how we continue to do what we’ve always done until it’s too late. Power and control – the cause of our demise I do believe. I wonder what our world would be like if we all just let go of a little bit of ego, just a little bit and actually started caring for one another and our environment? How different would things be?
Jo x
PS – another of my revived rocks from the “not satisfied with this” pile of rocks! You can see the old lines that I’ve covered over with the new ones 🙂

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