From The Outside In

This rock is an extension of yesterday’s rock but instead of being focused on the outside, this rock is about looking in.
koru hand painted rocks
Today another part of myself was revealed to me. I experienced again a releasing of the past and oh boy what a wonderful release and realisation it was.
Many of us wonder through life carrying our bag of compulsions on our back. We may drop off some along the way, but if the very thing that brought about that compulsion in the first place is not released, then we will continue to replace it with another.
Until such time as we let go and allow the healing to take place.

When we look our compulsions in the eye and say – I no longer wish to fight with you, I acknowledge you are there and have served me to manage my life this far, but I am strong now and I let you go. This is progress.
So the outer in the world today was reflected inward and I am so grateful for awareness and letting go my desire to be right and in control for just a moment because in that moment – there was my healing…
Jo x

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