Feeling the Earth

Yay – a bit of rain today! I’m really appreciating the cooler weather after the last few days and I’m sure the whenua is too…
Today I was out in the garden and really enjoyed putting my hands in the earth again. It’s so good for my soul to be nurturing the land and to be getting my hands dirty! By the way, dandelion leaves are a good bitter food for salads and there was plenty of that in the garden today. And my feet! It’s so good to feel the earth beneath my feet too…
koru hand painted rock
I just want to say thank-you to everybody who has stopped by to leave comments and to share their own personal experiences. I also want to thank those who have sent me private messages to say thank-you and to let me know they have been following the rocks too!
I appreciate you all!
Its really encouraging to know that I am being supported in this venture and that connections are being made through these rocks and the korero being shared.
Jo x

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