Now I know I’ve got a bit of a challenge posting this rock tonight because I will be competing with at least half the country watching the All Blacks vs Australia game, which also means most of Australia too and a good portion of the rest of the world who will wait anxiously to know who will play France in the final.
koru hand painted rocks
And I must say, I’m slightly nervous despite not following rugby all year, I’m still nervous! There is a lot of confidence in the All Blacks tonight, but I’m not so sure… there is just something about them that I’m not confident about!
Perhaps it is there inconsistent history of stuffing it up at times (am I being too negative?) or just that feeling that it is going to be a close game…
But what I want to say is… I watched all those Welsh rugby fans at the Millenium stadium and saw the looks on their faces when Wales had lost the game. Some were crying, some were utterly shocked, some got angry and took it upon themselves to settle the game off the field, but none-the-less, there was a lot of emotion involved.
And this is the feeling here in Aotearoa too. You can’t go far without seeing an All Black flag flying somewhere! All Black fever is well and truly alive here in Aotearoa and all I want to say is that expectation of ourselves and “our” team, is SO SO high. And what happens when our expectations aren’t met and we lose, we go into mourning for two weeks (Todd says more like two years) and it affects many on a deep emotional level.
So all I want to say is (and you probably don’t agree or don’t want to hear this but that’s ok!) expect nothing, enjoy watching the game, and whoever wins wins… and here is the big one… it is just a game! The sun will rise again tomorrow, there will be another world cup and we will… eventually… get over it… but that’s if we lose!
And if we win, we celebrate for the next two weeks, two years… but it is still just a game! And the sun of course will rise again tomorrow…
So I’m trying to be as equanimous as possible going into this game, I’m neither here nor there, no expectation and WILL accept what is… well that’s the plan! Breathe in, breathe out! Haha…
Jo x
He nui tonu ngā whakaaro ki a Tauranga moana. Me mihi atu hoki ki ngā tāngata e awhi ana kia whakatika i tō tātou moana.

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