Marie my osteopath was talking to me about the physical body today and how we have to keep our bodies moving, in “motion” otherwise we get tense and tight and things shut down. Which makes perfect sense ne?
koru hand painted rock
It was like a revelation for me, not because it was something new but for the first time I saw an example of the connection between the physical body and our emotions (the solution also contained in the word emotion) and how we store our emotions in the body through lack of expression or release or activity or movement which can manifest as dis-ease in the body.
So how cool I thought, that the word “emotion” contains the word motion – the very solution that allows the flow of energy through the body which releases a whole lot of things including built up stress which then allows the body to function again, the way it should.
I’ve always known that there is a connection between my emotions and my physical body through observation, and there is a lot of research out there that proves this also, but to see it in this way was quite revealing and healing for me. Which in essence is the whole point of what I’m trying to say really. That to express your emotions freely is to allow the flow of energy again…
The motion of emotion, sets the physical body into action which releases stress from the body that allows energy to flow through the body which helps the body to heal…
Of course it’s not that straight forward, easier said than done but then when I think again, it is that simple isn’t it?
Jo x
I was a bit reluctant to post this tonight. But I was also reluctant to post my first rock on Jan 1st 2011 too! That fear thing again, it comes and it goes but nothing like facing that fear and doing it anyway!

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