I’m having a bit of a giggle to myself because I’m trying to give one of my koru hand painted rocks away and no-one is putting their hand up for it! In the meantime, I’ve finished my rock for Day 2 – yes!
Before I go into my kōrero for the day, I want to share something taken from my blog about what painting these rocks mean to me. You can read more about my rocks here For those of you that are reading this blog, I’m also posting this to my Facebook page which is why I mention the blog. Confused? Don’t be!
“As a child the patterns of nature fascinated me. I would be amazed and energised by the unfolding of a fern frond. Could anything be more perfect? So these shapes were firmly imprinted and I appreciate their beauty and simplicity. They inspire me…The koru is a strong feature in my work. Because it is derived from nature it tells my stories and it tells my ancestors’ stories. The koru form is healing and it is balance; it’s shape flows in and flows out with soft lines, often I am lost in it …”
So my kōrero for the day is about confidence.
The reason it took me SO long to post my first rock last night was about facing that fear I talked about yesterday! I rewrote what I wrote at least five times lol and then I wasn’t sure whether I should post it and then I did and thought oh my gosh, I posted it – just before midnight! And then I was in bed thinking what have I done? I’m committed now!
Haha (again) – and so my rock for today is red – red like a fire engine, full of life and energy to move forward. And those who know me will know I’m not a fire-y person but I think red is a good colour. It is not my favourite colour by the way, but I’ve always known it to be a confidence colour.

koru hand painted rock

Now this one IS for sale for $39NZD Still trying to give one away though from Jan 1st, so if you’re quick, you might be lucky! And there will be more for sale and more to give away too! – 365 days in the year, thats a lot of rocks!!
Take a look at my other posts that talk about why I am doing this, what parameters I have set for myself and how you can own one of these rocks.
Until tomorrow when I post the next rock – kia pai tō rā!
Have a good day,
Jo x
PS – It’s my nephew’s 17th birthday tomorrow and he doesn’t know it yet, but he’s getting a rock! And remember to connect with me on FB and Twitter!

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