A short post from me today but an important one about community. I’m overwhelmed at the amount of support coming in to Otautahi from the rest of Aotearoa and around the world but I love seeing how the community of Otautahi have rallied together to clean up, feed themselves, help each other and rebuild their lives.
koru hand painted rocks
I listened to Mark Soloman this morning on Marae speak about the importance of community as has Bob Parker the mayor of Otautahi (who I think should be Prime Minister!!) and it is times like this when community is most important.
It’s easy for me to talk about this from the comfort of my own home, miles away from where all the action is but its hard to disconnect yourself from this. Aotearoa is a small country, when something as major as this happens, the whole community is affected.
But community is important even before disaster strikes so why does it take a disaster before people actually realise the importance of community? That beneath race and religion and all those things that distinguish us from one another, we are all human and if we were to work together every day in our communities, imagine what could be achieved? Not as easy as it sounds but worth thinking about…
I think this is why this rock today is a burst of colour! Seven colours in total! And I’m not into the habit of painting flowers or painting in this way but this is how it came out! This stone is also a very rough stone with lots of texture…
Hei apopo – until tomorrow,
Jo x
PS – I know there are a few of my FB friends and whanau in Chch at this time, would love to hear from them about what has been happening out in their communities…aroha x

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