Day 6 – wow! I made it to Day 6!
I’ve been thinking how amazing this has been and its only been 6 days. What’s amazing? Well when you commit to something and you tell the world about it then you are committed! So many people are watching out for you, supporting you and egging you on! There are no excuses, no chance or time to back out of that commitment and its full throttle ahead to achieve that goal.

But whats even more amazing is that when you commit to something, I mean FULLY commit to something, everything you need to sustain you on that journey is provided for you.
Like when I decided to give up working in a j-o-b to pursue what I love for a living, that was a huge leap of faith that I would be supported (from I don’t know where at the time!) and that my art and skills in whatever field I was pursuing could sustain me. And it has in many ways!!

But it was not always easy – believe me! A lot of porridge for breakfast, lunch and dinner (haha – I can laugh now!), but never was there a time where I thought that I was not doing the right thing. Why? Because I was feeding my wairua, feeding my spirit and doing what I love and no amount of money and j-o-b could provide that for me.

And I think that is why I can count the number of jobs I’ve had on one hand. I have always been committed to that because I have seen my parents and heard about my parents parents and even see people today who are in a job and are constantly unhappy! There were so many “back to work sighs” recently!

koru hand painted rock
koru hand painted rock

So the kōrero to go with this koha-tū is about commitment – committing to your kaupapa and then going for it. And I’m not perfect and not always committed – there have been times when I have bailed out of things for whatever reason, but then I think I wasn’t really committed in the first place!!
And just to finish off, so many people have been asking if these rocks are for sale. And the answer is, some are, some aren’t, and I will be giving a whole heap away but you have to watch this space everyday to know what’s what! I’ve had people already book rocks for certain days of the year as well. For more info on this kaupapa go to my blog and see why I am doing this and how much a rock will cost if you want one that is for sale on a certain day. Flick through my posts / album as well to see previous posts. And I am open to exchanges as well! This rock is for sale or exchange by the way.
Ok – until tomorrow Day 7! The rock by the way is already booked for tomorrow but still drop by to check it out! It’s for a friend who I haven’t seen for over 10 years and she’s staying down at the Waikanae camp right now. Now if she was wise, she wouldn’t read this until after I’ve seen her tomorrow – haha!! It’s going to be a special one – but they’re all special)
Mā te wā – until then,
Jo 🙂

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