Life is so fluid sometimes isn’t it? – well my life is anyway! Probably because I allow it to be and I think this is important because we get stuck doing the same old same old without growing, exploring and learning!
koru hand painted rock
So today’s kōrero is about change. The different journeys we embark on, the people we meet and the growth that we experience along the way. Change is an important part of life and if we are not changing then we are not growing.
I embrace change as hard as it is sometimes because it brings me opportunities that I would never have experienced otherwise. And change is happening all around us and within us everyday, so might as well go with it! It’s amazing how much we try and go against the flow of things…the tide comes in, the tide goes out, life has it’s ups, life has it’s downs…such is life!
Change – embrace it!
Jo x

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