This rock took me ten minutes to paint. It just came out and before I knew it, it was over. As I was painting it, it reminded me of the calm after the storm. It was very soothing and healing to paint which is perhaps why it just came out the way it did. It was good for me because I’ve been quite emotional over the past few days with what has happened down in Otautahi and feeling so grateful at the same time for everything I have. A very meditative and soothing kohatu.
koru hand painted rocks
I spoke at Pecha Kucha tonight and it was so lovely to share this rock a day project with everyone there. There were about 200 people which was fantastic for a small city like Gisborne!!! And the Dome Cinema is such an awesome venue and of course they run a pretty cool outfit there too. I had some wonderful feedback and I gave a rock away that I painted on the 18th of Feb to a woman who was sitting right next door to us who knew a family who had lost a child that was born on the 18th of Feb. So a very special gift for that whanau…
I love this rock. I know when the designs, colours and korero come out straight away, that this is a special rock…And the rocks are are all special because they come from the land and carry the mauri or energy of the land.
And this rock today is for Noeline and her husband who celebrate their 16th wedding anniversary but they’ve actually been together for 25 years! How cool is that?!
The colours of this rock are digeridoo brown, buffalo brown and purple. And I photographed this rock in amongst the daisies! Making daisy chains is a favourite pastime of mine, but also not that long ago when I was living in Opunake I used to purposely grow my grass long so that I could lie in amongst the daisies and dandelions and take photographs…
Hei apopo – until tomorrow!
Jo x

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