Beauty in Everything

These two ducks went swimming by today. Well, paddling or swimming, whatever they do to move in the water! I’m not really into ducks but these ducks were something else. I couldn’t help but notice them gliding peacefully through the water, leaving a trail of patterns behind them. And such a beautiful colour… anyway, no ordinary ducks these were, but I wonder if it is this place that is opening me up to the beauty within me and within the landscape? I am seeing the beauty in everything right now, with new eyes, I feel like I’ve been born all over again…
koru hand painted rocks
I had some special moments today with special people. A lady who had attended one of my workshops chased me up the street and wanted to give me a film she made of a special place here in North Queensland. My healing waters workshop moved her so much she wanted me to experience this special place as she felt it would have an effect on me.
I spent some time today with Steve, an artist here at Floating Land and as we chatted I painted one of the rocks at the back of his installation. It’s so good for the soul to connect through storytelling and experiences in life. Thank-you Steve.
And so many other people I had conversations with, awesome conversations, and I just want to say that it was such a joy to finally meet Dianne and Pete today who I will be spending time with next week. I am so grateful for this!
And then to top it all off – dinner with wonderful friends from all around the world.
What beauty will tomorrow bring?
Jo x
PS – the duck photo is coming soon…

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