Ross Bennett reminded me of an experience we had while I was living in Taranaki a few years back.
I was working on a project with him and one day while delivering the final product to his house in Oakura, I ran out of petrol – big lol
koru hand painted rocks
So I ended up on the side of the road out the coast waiting for Ross “to the rescue”…and while I waited a storm was brewing…

The wind started to pick up so with petrol in tank we decided to drive to Rahotu for some shelter to make the exchange of goods and when we got there it was too windy to even get out of the car! Sideways wind and rain, Tāwhirimātea was definitely doing his thing…
That day, a tornado swept through the metropolis of Rahotu. Big massive trees which once stood beside the road now lay flat across the road blocking the main highway. The tornado swept right by us only a few metres away I reckon, on the other side of the road.
I got home late that night as the roads were blocked for a while but I was just glad to be going home! Not every day you get to be in the midst of a tornado and to experience the strength of nature first hand was both frightening and exciting at the same time.
Jo x

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