A Good Laugh

Don’t you just love a bloody good laugh! You know that deep belly laugh that hurts your puku and you just can’t stop laughing for ages!
koru hand painted rocks
Now I’m not going to tell you what we were laughing about tonight (it’s a surprise and you’ll hear about it in a book later!) but oh my goodness – funny – the very thought of it had us in fits of laughter!
Laughing is SO SO GOOD – it exercises “funny” muscles in your face and puku and releases all these unwanted things that no longer serve us – like stress – and oh my gosh, I’m laughing still right now! You’re probably wondering what at, but not telling…
Just a reminder to keep smiling and keep laughing every day! Go and have a laugh right now, go on! And what should you laugh about? Oh I don’t know, whatever makes you laugh!
Jo x

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