Freedom is a word that I love because it describes for me a feeling of satisfaction, being alive, being me, doing what I love, uninhibited.
I am always amazed at the flight of the kahu; a massive wingspan, forever searching and such freedom in their flight…they inspire me to be free…
This year, I continue to commit to my dreams, to be me, to do what I love and fly…
koru hand painted rock
Wow I’m stoked I’ve made it to Day 14 – a rock a day has been such an awesome experience! I’ve connected with so many people around the world, I’m creating every day and I’m sharing with everyone who chooses to connect. And I still have 351 days to go! Am looking forward to the days ahead, but for now, I’m being present with today’s rock of freedom…ahhh the choice to be free…


  1. I think so Jack – I really do! Thanks for all your tautoko and comments e hoa. I’m inspired and encouraged to share more! Love you x

  2. I’m so enjoying your whakaaro and the photographs I look forward to each day too. Freedom – I think it takes some hardwork to pursue without giving up and yet you make it sound so effortless. You are born for freedom!

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