Who Am I?

I am a Māori wMeoman indigenous to Aotearoa NZ who is passionate about life and love and bringing about change in the world. I love to write and paint and take photographs. I love to be outside in nature experiencing the elements; the sun the rain and the stars but I also love to be inside snuggled up in a blanket in front of an open fire watching a good documentary or movie!

I love to help people be their best, to help them find who THEY are and share who they are with the world.

I have experienced many things and traveled to many lands where I have felt the spirit of the people and the land, but here in Aotearoa is where I feel most at home. I am currently living on the East Coast of the North Island although my heart is with my mountains: Tarawera, Matawhaura and Taranaki who move through me and remind me of where I come from and of my ancestors who have gone before me.

But I am also this person; my own person outside of where I come from and where I have been and what I have done in my life, I am this person who is constantly searching for who I am, delving into what it is that my heart desires and trying to understand where I fit into the scheme of things and how I can help in the world.

So here I am, I am here ever experiencing the present moment because in my quest to achieve and be something into the future I have found and learnt that the power is right here in the present moment and so I be here, right here, right now. This is who I am until next time…

The following is a digital story that I created with the help of my dear friends in Arizona; Linda, Rachel and Cheryl and I have realised in hindsight, was part of my quest to answer the question – Ko wai au? Who am I? It is very much a part of me and gives insight into my way of seeing the world.

But I change and I grow and I understand that the more I change, I grow and I understand. Changing, constantly changing, growing, changing…

I hope you are inspired by the hand painted rocks within these pages and the stories that each of them share. Feel free to leave your comments and words of inspiration. If you are interested in knowing how you can have your personal story told in a work of art then please contact me at tetekura[at]xtra[dot]co[dot]nz

I would love to hear from you.

Arohanui, (Lots of love)

Jo 🙂